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Reichert Clear Chart 2 Digital Acuity System

Reichert Clear Chart 2 Digital Acuity System

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Reichert ClearChart 2 Digital Acuity System. This advanced eye/vision exam chart is a must-have. Made in the United States. Fully refurbished and comes with a new remote. Comes with 90-day money back warranty. We have 18 available in stock. All refurbished.

Manufacturer description:

ClearChart 2 incorporates all the features and functions you need for effective and efficient visual acuity testing:

  • Configure for direct or mirror viewing
  • Large range of optotypes: 17 letter set, 8 letter set, Sloan, HOTV, Landolt C, Landolt C and O, Tumbling E
  • Children's Optotypes: three different sets including Allen Symbols, Kolt-like symbols and other images
  • Random sequencing of optotypes
  • Special Test Charts for astigmatism testing, suppression and fixation
  • Contrast Sensitivity testing with sine-wave grating or contrast optotypes
  • Complies with ETDRS protocol
  • Adjustable red/green for compatibility with any refraction system
  • Cartoon loop with sound for pediatric fixation
  • Patient education slides
  • Integrates seamlessly with the Reichert Phoroptor VRx, Reichert Auto Phoroptor RS, Visutron 900+, and Visutron 900 Touch.

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